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If you are in academic difficulty, your college will post an Academic Notice for you in the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) under the Academic Notices tab.

Check the Academic Notice and Contact Record tabs on the Virtual Advising Center daily for any updates from your College.

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Definitions of Student Academic Status

A student's Academic Status is determined after grades are processed at the end of each term and according to Academic Senate Regulation 515.B.

A student will be in one of three academic status categories for the term.

  • Good Standing
    The student's term and cumulative grade point average (GPA) are 2.0 or higher.
  • Academic Probation
    The student's term GPA is at least 1.5 but less than 2.0 or the cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 and the student is not Subject to Disqualification.
  • Subject to Disqualification
    The student's term GPA is less than 1.5 or the student completed two successive terms on Academic Probation and the cumulative GPA is below 2.0.

What Now?

If your academic status for the term is either Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification, go to the Academic Notice tab on the VAC to review and follow the terms of your academic notice.

Virtual Advising Center

(Contact your College's Academic Advising Office if an academic notice has not been posted in the VAC within three weeks after grades are final.)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, unless you are academically disqualified from the University.

You must earn a term and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Subject to disqualification means your quarter and cumulative GPA have not met the academic standards set forth by the University (see Academic Senate Regulation 515.B). Your academic record will be reviewed by your college and your continued registration will be at the discretion of your college provost. Notification is made as quickly as possible through the VAC.

Academic disqualification means you are prohibited from further enrollment in classes at any University of California campus, UC San Diego Summer Session, and UC San Diego Concurrent Enrollment unless granted an exception.

If you have been academically disqualified, you will have an opportunity to appeal the disqualification. Your academic notice will address this in detail.

To be in good standing, your term and cumulative GPA must be 2.0 or higher.

Good academic standing is defined by the University as being eligible for continued enrollment. In order to participate in extracurricular activities at the University, students must remain in "good academic standing.” For purposes of participation in intercollegiate athletics at UC San Diego, the University, its athletic conference(s) and the NCAA have additional academic requirements beyond remaining in "good academic standing.”

Specifically, the University requires student-athletes to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative UC-GPA to be eligible to compete. In addition to needing to remain in "good academic standing" at all times, each student-athlete’s academic record is evaluated at the end of each quarter to verify GPA and other applicable academic eligibility requirements.

Eligibility evaluations are completed by the University Registrar’s Office in conjunction with the Intercollegiate Athletics Department each quarter.

If you are academically disqualified, you will be dropped from all of your classes.

Please contact the Certifying Veterans Benefits official in the Office of the Registrar.

Notify your college Academic Advising office through the VAC immediately.

Academic Success: Campus Resources provides links to the colleges, departments, libraries, and many other campus support services and tools.

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